Our Story

The I.C.E. by BODY ARMOR VENT™️ was designed to solve a problem. The Body Armor Vent originally invented by a retired Sheriff, who was injured in the line of duty, he asked himself during physical therapy, “what was the worst thing about being on patrol?” The answer: the heat and sweat build up behind his body armor, especially in the heat of summer. With that thought the plans for BODY ARMOR VENT™️ began and the journey that led us to where we are today. I.C.E. by BODY ARMOR VENT™️ is sold worldwide and used everyday by thousands of government and private sector military and law enforcement individuals wearing body armor.  Our I.C.E. helps provide maximum comfort while you’re wearing your body armor, summer or winter.

Improve the comfort, effectiveness and safety of all professionals globally while they wear body armor.

Body armor vent mission
EVAP Technology by Body Armor Vent
EVAP Technology


Body Armor Vent
Plate Carrie with ICE Retro Fit Kit and B-24 Custom Kit

EVAP Technology™ is our patent-pending evaporation and ventilation technology which creates a continuous air flow between your torso and your body armor.  Air flow is caused by hot air expansion and by your own breathing. This completely “new’ evaporative cooling, moving air over moisture, just like your AC at home!

  • The BODY ARMOR VENT’s proprietary foam filled, vertical air channels force air flow upwards and also through horizontal vent holes to enable true evaporation of sweat from behind armor for the first time in history.  This keeps your body’s temperature down in the summer and your body much drier and warmer in the winter.
EVAP Technology by Body Armor Vent

Product Highlights

Keeps you cooler in the Summer and drier, warmer in the Winter.

Lessens dehydration and increases acuity = safer, more alert on-duty.

Helps reduce skin temperature and lessens skin outbreaks and rashes.

Fits ALL concealable body armor and plate carriers.

Lightweight and easy to install.

EVAP Technology™ vents away your body heat and sweat, keeping your skin drier and healthier and more comfortable year round.