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Let me start by saying that I work in high 90s low 100s to include humidity near CA Border. I wear issued soft body armor at this moment. Not breathable by any means. Uniform shirts are thick, and a super thin, jersey type under armor T-shirt is all I wear.

Install is straight forward. Comfort is great! Weight is near to nothing. No need for the hand pump as this system does not use that. It’s great not having to worry about any other things to get it going. Awesome to toss my vest on and it’s ready to go. I wear my vest a bit loose to begin with. This helps me with movement and room to breathe, especially hiking canyons and going through and breaking brush. Once you begin to get a sweat in, you begin to feel the cooling of the air passing through the ICE vent. Comparing to my fellow partners with me, they tend to be heavily drenched compared to me.

Compared to the competitor venting system. I say this is much better, lighter and more comfortable. I had issues with competitor and getting hot spots because of the rubber like material being used. This doesn’t happen with the ICE vent.

My final thoughts, great system to use. Install and forget you have it until your feeling that cooling effects. Don’t forget to clean this bad boy every so often or you will build an odor, but simple rinse with soapy water and your good to go. Great product, and highly recommend to all LEO!

— Feedback from Boarder Patrol Officer in California

“Me and several of my teammates used your product for the past month. The overall feeling toward it is quite positive, but there are a few drawbacks that we see. This is what everyone who tried BODY ARMOR VENT agreed on with regard to the performance of your system:

I attached BODY ARMOR VENT to my Crye JPC and used it while clearing structures, riding in vehicles, air operations to include fast roping, urban movement, rappelling, urban climbing, various stress induced shooting events, and even while working out to do a kit/sprint workout. I have had many injuries to include ankle surgery, both knees operated on, shoulder reconstruction, and have a broken back to just name a few. Without a doubt, the BODY ARMOR VENT alleviated some of the constant pain that comes with wearing and working in kit.

By attaching the system to the inside of my plate carrier, it acted as a shock absorber to the 55 lbs. or so that are attached to it at any given time. I believe, but can’t say for sure, that it might have also helped my posture with kit on. The reason I believe it did this is the padding allowed me to keep my shoulders back and down more, which is critical while wearing kit so you don’t wear your back out. The padding allowed me to tighten the cummerbund straps, so that the plate carrier hugged my body better and the shoulder straps weren’t distributing all the weight.

Also, it does keep you a little cooler while working by allowing airflow to circulate better between the plates and torso. I also noticed a reduction in the amount of sweat that was on my shirt. I sweat A LOT when I am doing anything physical and especially when I am wearing kit, so it was a noticeable difference.

While working out, climbing, and rappelling in it, I noticed that the plate carrier generally stayed in place more and didn’t move on me while trying to climb up and over the ledge on a three story building and moving in and out of windows.

This was definitely value added for anyone who had a Crye JPC or Airlite plate carrier.I am definitely enjoying your system and will continue to use it, as will the other guys who tried it.It was well received and has helped a great deal to reduce the wear and tear on my body.”

— Feedback from deployed U.S. Special Operations Forces

“I sweat a lot. Summer, winter – it doesn’t matter. I have been dealing with a wet or soaking wet t-shirt under my armor for the last 5 years. Thankfully, those days are over.”

— Steve P. | Patrol Division, CA

“The system fit perfectly into my kit and I did not have to make any adjustments to it. I could tell immediately that my body heat was no longer being trapped like before and I was more comfortable in my kit.”

— John R.  |  Special Operations, USA

“From a ‘comfort’ perspective, I have never been comfortable in my armor. However, BODY ARMOR VENT has provided me with relief from the build-up of heat and has improved the way I feel when wearing my armor.”

— Dan B.  |  Bike Patrol, TX

“When I took my kit off I noticed my shirt was completely dry. It was so obvious that a couple guys noticed it and asked what I had attached to my kit. I will never operate without this piece of kit.”

— Jose R.  |  Special Operations, USA

“When I first received the product, I was skeptical that it could do anything to keep me cooler and more comfortable. But after my first day, I noticed a Coming soaked into my combat shirt.”

— Tom M.  |  Security Contractor

Thank you for all the help! The team has felt less heat exhaustions and its helped with morale as the watches have been really long!

— Alexis | USS Jason Dunham

Hello my Friend,

Conclusion of the week on the border with the Body Armor Vent

1st Day: 20 degrees sunshine, I immediately noticed that the vest is much more comfortable to wear than without the ventilation system. In addition, she does not weigh too much. So you do not look fat in it. The polo shirt under the vest was just a little moistened on the back, but that’s because I was sitting in the car a lot and therefore could not circulate the air between the vest and the car seat.

2nd Day: Rain, about 10 degrees. I immediately thought that it is much more pleasant when the air between the vest can circulate, you notice that on a little colder days immediately, as cold air is transported to the back and chest , That was not the case without the vest, because it was just warm and you sweated easily …

I’m so happy with the [vent].

— Alexis | USS Jason Dunham