Size Guide

ICE Retro Fit Kit panel size guide. Measure the inside of your kit (top to bottom), (left to right) then match to the appropriate kit size.

Retro Kit Size

Panel Specs

7.52in x 9.49in
(19.1cm x 24.1cm)

wt/panel: 0.8oz

8.50in x 10.20in
(21.6cm x 25.9cm)

wt/panel: 1.0oz

9.53in x 11.61in
(24.2cm x 29.5cm)

wt/panel: 1.4oz

10.47in x 12.68in
(26.6cm x 32.2cm)

wt/panel: 1.8oz

11.46in x 14.57in
(29.1cm x 37cm.0)

wt/panel: 2.2oz